Tips for Better Tea

  • By Breville
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If you brew too hot, the bitter flavours over power the tea. Conversely, if you brew too cold you don’t release enough flavour from the leaves. The right balance is all about the right temperature.

Different teas behave very differently depending on what temperature they’re brewed at.

Apart from the herbal varieties, there are four main types of tea, all from the same plant, just picked and processed in different ways.

Green tea is picked, rolled and dried before the leaves go brown giving it a distinctive aroma and taste. White tea comes from the buds of the plant that are then steamed and left to dry naturally which makes it taste sweeter.

Oolong tea is allowed to semi ferment and then processed immediately giving it a delicate, fruity taste. Black tea is made by fermenting the harvested leaves for a few hours before heating or drying them, giving it the strongest flavour and colour.



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    Ah ha! Maybe that is why i have always found green tea to bitter

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