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Always use cold milk just out of the fridge and a cold frothing jug (storing the jug in the fridge with the milk works great).

Cold milk froths much easier than warm milk. As the hot water vapour hits the milk, it condenses and then unfolds the whey proteins, turning them into foam. The foam only collapses when gravity pulls the liquid from the bubble wall. The warmer the milk the less able it is to hold the foam making it collapse on itself before the foam is properly formed.

It may sound pedantic, but the jug can transfer temperature to the milk really quickly so try to keep it cool, especially if you’re making a couple of cups in a row. It’s not always practical to put it in the fridge between uses when you’re entertaining, but make sure you rinse it out under cold water each time to cool it back down before you froth a new jug of milk.

When frothing, start with the bottom of the steam wand just below the surface of the milk so you introduce air and create small bubbles on the surface (if it makes big bubbles you’re holding it too far out of the milk), then as the jug starts to feel warm, lower the steam wand all the way into the milk on a slight angle to circulate the froth into the body of the milk.




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