A way to stop stirring your risotto

  • By Breville
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HESTON’S TIP: Mix in some fresh cheese, parmesan and acidulated butter into the risotto after the cycle has finished for an even creamier result.
Shaved parmesan works particularly well in complementing the flavour of Arborio grains.

Traditionally, risotto requires constant attention and stirring.

If you don’t stir, the risotto sauce ends up thin and flat instead of thick and creamy. This is because the act of stirring the rice grains in hot liquid forces the grains to agitate against one another which releases the starch from inside the endosperm of the rice grain. As the starch oozes out, the liquid begins to thicken and develop a creamy taste and texture, and combine the flavours of the rice with the flavours of the stock and vice versa. Stirring also helps to ensure an even heat throughout the mixture and equal exposure of each grain to the stock.

This can mean about 45 minutes of stirring which, in a restaurant, is often the job that goes to the apprentice!

With this product’s risotto setting, for the first time I’ve ever seen there is no longer a need to stir. The Multi Chef™ uses a system of controlled temperature through a number of phases that creates tiny simmering bubbles in the liquid to agitate the grains against one another and help release the starch. It’s a lot simpler than the saucepan.



  • Astara Green Saturday, 03 June 2017

    Made my first risotto in this awesome appliance, followed the recipe and Heston's tip and it was fantastic. This will be on the menu a bit more often now, as it sure saves so much time from standing over the pan and stirring! Way to go Breville.

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