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To make it a little easier, Breville toasters are equipped with a ‘Lift & Look’ button that raises the bread while toasting (so you can get nice and close without singeing your eyebrows), as well as a ‘A Bit More’ button for adding a bit extra at the end if desired.

Wouldn't it be good if setting four always meant setting four?

1. Sugar speeds up the Maillard reaction. The Maillard reaction is essentially the process of foods creating lots of delicious new flavour compounds as they turn brown after being exposed to heat. It happens when amino acids and sugars in the food are exposed to the right amount of heat. In the case of many ingredients, including bread, the greater the sugar content, the faster it browns. Fruit loaf, for example, contains about five or six times higher sugar levels than white or brown bread and as such, it can toast almost twice as fast.

2. Darker colours absorb more radiant heat. Conductive heat transfer happens reasonably uniformly from bread to bread, but the darker the colour of the bread, the more radiant heat it will absorb. In fact, brown bread can toast noticeably faster than white bread under the same conditions.



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