Slow Cooker Recipes
Natural Yoghurt with Berries & Lime Zest
Ideal for breakfast, a snack or even dessert, this easy to follow Natural Yoghurt with Berries and Lime Zest ...
ready_time8 hrs 25 mins
Steamed Ocean Trout with Teriyaki & Edamame
Made in minutes and steamed to satisfaction, this Steamed Ocean Trout with Teriyaki & Edamame is a super ...
ready_time30 mins
Coconut Crème Caramel
A tropical twist on a classic dessert, this Coconut Crème Caramel is sure to surprise with a dairy and gluten...
ready_time55 mins
Creamy Pumpkin Soup
A favourite winter warmer, this smooth and creamy pumpkin soup is sure to enjoyed among the whole family...
ready_time2 hrs 28 mins
Asian Beef Short Ribs
Slow cooked for tenderness and flavour, these Asian Beef Short are sure to melt in your mouth...
ready_time8 hrs 25 mins
Coq Au Vin
Sautéed and slow cooked to perfection, this famous French dish and winter classic is desirable and delicious ...
ready_time1 hrs 40 mins
Cinnamon Scrolls
Delicious cinnamon scrolls ideal for a sweet breakfast and desert...
ready_time1 hrs 45 mins
Beef Rogan Josh
Rich beef chunks with mildly spiced tomato gravy with rice...
ready_time5 hrs 35 mins
Split Pea and Smoked Ham Soup
The ultimate winter comfort food, split peas and smoked ham soup makes a nutritious meal...
ready_time4 hrs 45 mins
Slow Cooker Lamb Shanks with Mash Potato
Delicious and comforting tender lamb shanks with mashed potatoes. An ideal choice for dinner...
ready_time -  
Chicken Fricassee
A traditional Chicken Fricassee recipe with a classic touch of fresh ingredients. It's simply gorgeous...
ready_time5 hrs 15 mins
Maple Spiced Rice Pudding
Try this gorgeous maple spiced rice pudding with poached fruits...
ready_time55 mins
Upside Down Banana and Walnut Cake
Easy-to-make and not too sweet, try out this delicious Banana and Walnut Cake recipe...
ready_time1 hrs 20 mins
Merlot Braised Beef Cheeks
Deliciously tender beef cheeks. Teams up with creamy mashed potatoes...
ready_time7 hrs 40 mins
Chocolate, Pear and Almond Pudding
An all-time favorite for chocolate pudding lovers. The almonds and pears give this recipe a twist...
ready_time2 hrs 15 mins
Moroccan inspired beef cheeks
A delicious Moroccan inspired beef recipe teams well with couscous...
ready_time4 hrs 35 mins
A delicious traditional Jewish stew which makes a perfect slow-cooked meal...
ready_time11 hrs
Easy Peasy Chicken Curry
A delicious chicken curry recipe teams well with naan bread...
ready_time6 hrs 55 mins
Beef Chitarnee
A delicious Baghdadi Indian recipe teams well with steamed basmati rice...
ready_time8 hrs 40 mins
Easy Seafood Gumbo
An easy-to-follow seafood gumbo recipe with aromatic vegetable and fragrant spices...
ready_time4 hrs 30 mins